Smith3D ABS Filament / ABS+ Filament 1.75mm 1kg

Smith3D ABS Filament / ABS+ Filament 1.75mm 1kg


Smith3D ABS Filament / ABS+ Filament 1.75mm
Less Warping, can use on Acetone!

(Tested on Smith3D ABS)
Recommendations for a Successful ABS Printing:
– Heat plate should be always on (between 80 – 100C)
– You may turn On Brim, improve adhesion on the first layer.

ABS no.1 enemy is warping, to avoid that:
– Turn Off Part Cooling Fan
– Hot printing environment (No fan or Air conditioner)
– Enclosure for bigger prints

Warping normally occurs in the middle of your printed model when the heat can’t reach from the bottom (bed) and from the top (nozzle). For tall or big prints, it’s almost vital to make an enclosure to trap heat at area around the model so it doesn’t shrink and warp.

Diameter: 1.75mm±0.05mm
Weight: 1kg (filament) + 0.3kg (spool)
Printing temperature: 230-240°C
Bed temperature: 80~100°C
Glass transition temperature: 105°C
Packaging: Vacuum sealed with desiccant

What’s included:
1 roll ABS of your choice

Colour (ABS/ABS+)

ABS+ Black, ABS+ Blue, ABS+ Gray, ABS+ Green, ABS+ Red, ABS+ Silver, ABS+ White, ABS+ Yellow, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow