Smith3D TPU Flexible / Elastic Filament 1KG / 0.5KG

Smith3D TPU Flexible / Elastic Filament 1KG / 0.5KG


Smith3D TPU Flexible / Elastic Filament
TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a subclass of thermoplastics which prints strong parts that are also flexible; holds up well to more rigorous wear and tear

Compatible bowden extruder, recommended to print it with direct drive extruder if you want to achieve the perfection.

Hardness: 85-90A, TPU 95A(Elastic Edition)

*Surface hardness (scratching or pressing, resulting in traces) The higher the hardness, the smaller the bending strength The smaller the easier it is to pinch, the Flexible surface hardness is high, and the bending strength is large

(Tested on Smith3D TPU)
Recommendations for a successful TPU Print:
Printing speed: 25-40 mm/s. Good starting point is a speed of 35 mm/s,
Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C, moisture level <40%. Part cooling fan: Turn on 100% for best quality print. Lower Infill to achieve higher flexibility Do note that on bowden type printers such as Ender 3, it is recommended to have dual gear extruder (or BMG), might wanna try 25mm/s to achieve better result (slower print speed will have better result). For best printing quality on TPU, it’s recommended that user would mod their printer to use direct drive adapter, the goal is to shorten the bowden tube between extrusion and hotend as much as possible. Smith3D’s filament choice is an ever changing selection, we have tested filaments from 20+ suppliers so far to find the best quality filament, at an affordable pricing. We won’t stop the process of finding a better supplier, so the choices will be updated constantly. This filament is our favourite to use so far in our own printing work, and we hope you like it too. What’s include: 1 roll TPU of your choice

Colour (TPU Flexible/Elastic)

Black, Black Elastic 0.5Kg, Blue, Blue Elastic 0.5Kg, Green, Green Elastic 0.5Kg, Natural, Natural Elastic 0.5Kg, Orange, Orange Elastic 0.5Kg, Red, Red Elastic 0.5Kg, Yellow, Yellow Elastic 0.5Kg