Creality LD-002H Resin 3D Printer

Creality LD-002H Resin 3D Printer



  • Fast Printing and Longer Lifespan: Creality LD002H lcd resin 3d printer uses a 6 inch monochrome LCD of 2K HD 2560×1620 resolution, only taking 1-4s/layer exposure to cure resin, which could significantly increase your printing efficiency and save your time. Moreover, monochrome LCD has a much longer lifespan and stable performance during long-time printing.
  • Ultra Accurcy Printing: Creality LD002H sla 3d printer equipped with a UV integrated light source module and upgraded transmission system, working together with 2K mono LCD, the light source can reache 8000uw/cm2, which greatly improve the printing precision and details.
  • Air Filtration System with Activated Carbon: LD002H resin printer built-in air filtering system. There is a small box at the rear of the print chamber containing a pouch of activated carbon, which can absorb the fume of the exposed resin and offer you a refreshing printing experience.
  • CHITUBOX Slicing Software: This resin 3d printer installs the latest version of CHITU BOX Slicing Software, which supports one-key to add the model support and adjust the modeling size, easy to achieve all functions you want.
  • Easy to Operate and Level the Print Platform: LD002H lcd 3d printer adpots user-friendly 3.5 inch full-color touch screen UI design interface can monitor real-time printing information, easy to operate. Lower the print platform and keeping only a distance of a piece of paper, then lock the leveling nut to finish the leveling, saving much time than before.

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