VDR Features That Are Most Important For Companies Evaluating Virtual Data Rooms

VDR features that are Dropbox and SecureDocs the most crucial for companies that are evaluating virtual data rooms include security, scalability, accessibility and support. Security features include antivirus and malware scanning, firewalls and multifactor authentication as well as advanced encryption of uploaded data. Comprehensive audit logs give an overview of all actions taken within the VDR, including views, downloads, and changes made to files and folders. VDR administrators can also design custom watermarks that give an exact date and a name to each downloaded file.

A quality VDR will also allow users to customize their interface and notification system. Support should be available via phone, email or live chat in the app. There should also be help centers that feature video tutorials for the product. The vdr must also be compatible with Apple devices, Android devices and Blackberry without the requirement for additional plugins. Advanced text search makes it simple to read documents folders, files, and documents. The organization tools for folders should be able to allow for a hierarchical structure and logical organization, using tags adding an additional layer of flexibility. A Q&A section allows users to ask questions and get responses to specific documents or folders.

Private equity and venture capital firms have multiple clients at the same at a time, which makes them to share huge amounts of information quickly and efficiently. In these cases the VDR is the perfect solution to help with due diligence and increase efficiency. VDRs are also beneficial in other fields including life science, technology, and financial services. VDRs enable these companies to facilitate the sharing of confidential information in litigation with clients, lawyers, and other third parties.

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