Vuforia Expert Capture: Scale Expert Knowledge to Your Frontline Workers

Vuforia Expert Capture: Scale Expert Knowledge to Your Frontline Workers

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Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to document and share your expert employees’ years of knowledge with your broader workforce. With Vuforia Expert Capture, your tenured experts can capture step-by-step procedures and best practices as they work and then transform those insights into reusable process documents, job aids, and training materials.
Improve set up and changeover, streamline equipment assembly and maintenance, and modernize employee training with Expert Capture’s digital, augmented reality-based work instructions.

Boost employee productivity

In a complex manufacturing process, providing employees with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance ensures that every task is being completed properly and leads to greater employee efficiency and productivity.

Improve safety and compliance

Providing the best-practices of your experts to your broader workforce, while also enabling digital traceability, helps guarantee that procedures are being completed in compliance of safety standards and regulations.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce costly in-person onboarding and training and improve your new employees’ time to productivity with more effective digital training tactics and on-the-job AR-enabled guidance.