Smith3D PLA PRO / PLA+ Filament 1KG 1.75mm

Smith3D PLA PRO / PLA+ Filament 1KG 1.75mm


Smith3D PLA PRO / PLA+ Filament 1KG 1.75mm1. Easier print and smoother surface than normal PLA
1. Neat winding, less tangling issue
2. Stronger than normal PLA as it has toughening additives added into it
3. Less warping and sticks to bed better
4. Anti-Moisture Formulation. Longer Lasting

Smith3D’s filament choice is an ever changing selection, we have tested filaments from 20+ suppliers so far to find the best quality filament, at an affordable pricing. We won’t stop the process of finding a better supplier, so the choices will be updated constantly. This filament is our favourite to use so far in our own printing work, and we hope you like it too.

Samples printed above are all running on CHEP’s profile for Ender 3 – 0.2mm layer height at 215 degrees, without support. Printed with Ender 3 Pro and Ender 5 Plus

Colour (PLA Pro / PLA+)

Black, Blue, Brown, Cool White, Gold, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Natural (Milky), Orange, Pink, PLA Transparent, Purple, Rose, Silver, Skin, Traffic Red, White, Yellow