EinScan Pro HD

EinScan Pro HD

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The EinScan Pro HD provides high-quality 3D scanning with improved efficiency.

Key Features:
  • Handheld LED Light Source 3D Scanner
  • 10 – 30 frames per second scan speed
  • 3,000,000 max points per second
  • Optional industrial pack and color scanning module
  • Ideal for cast metal, dark, and intricate textured surfaces
Package Includes:
  • EinScan Pro HD Scanner
  • Solid Edge Shining 3D OEM Edition Single Seat License
Hardware Recommendations:
  • Intel Core i7 or equivalent processor
  • NVidia graphics card with at least 960 CUDA cores
  • 4 GB minimum VRAM and 16 GB minimum RAM
  • USB 3.0 connection

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64bit)

Please Note: Not compatible with AMD processors.

Product Specifications

ModelEinScan Pro HD
Scan ModeHandheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid ScanFixed Scan with turntable (with Add-on: Industrial Pack)Fixed Scan without turntable (with Add-on: Industrial Pack)
Scan Accuracyup to 0.045 mmup to 0.1 mm0.04 mm (single shot accuracy)
Volumetric Accuracy [1]0.3 mm/m (Markers Alignment)//
Scan Speed10 fps
3,000,000 points/s
30 fps
1,500,000 points/s
Single Scan < 0.5s
Point Distance0.2 mm-3 mm0.25 mm-3 mm 0.24 mm
Single Scan Range209*160 mm——310*240 mm
Depth of Field±100 mm
Working Center Distance510 mm
Light SourceLED
Align ModeMarkers Alignment, Feature Alignment [2], Hybrid Alignment [3]Markers Alignment, Texture Alignment [4], Feature Alignment, Hybrid AlignmentTurntable Coded Targets,
Feature, Markers, Manual Alignment
Markers, Feature, Manual
Texture ScanYes (with Add-on: Color Pack)
Outdoor OperationSet up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight
Special Scan ObjectFor the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before scanning
Software includedExScan Pro, Solid Edge SHINING3D Edition
Data FormatOBJ , STL , ASC , PLY , 3MF, P3
Scan Body Weight1.13kg (include a USB cable)
Supported OSWin 10, 64 bit
PC RequirementsGraphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or NVIDIA GTX660 and higher; processor: Intel (R) xeon E3-1230, Intel (R) I5-3470, Intel (R) I7-3770; interface: high-speed USB 3.0; memory: 8G