Altair SmartWorks

Altair SmartWorks

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Augment decision-making. Accelerate innovation. Empower everyone.

Harness the full power of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Altair’s next-generation, cloud-native enterprise data ecosystem. SmartWorks delivers dynamic tools and a collaborative environment for teams across your enterprise to solve complex problems, accelerate transformation, and drive business value.

Empower Everyone and Foster a Data-driven Culture

Business Teams and Leaders

Generate and share data-driven insights across the organization without writing a single line of code.

Technical Teams and Data Experts

Develop AI-augmented analytics in a single, end-to-end workflow with fully extensible out-of-the-box functionality.

Software Developers

Create scalable, secure IoT/analytics applications faster and with smaller teams.

Accelerate Innovation with Collaboration and Targeted Capabilities

  • Connect to databases, spreadsheets, big data, IoT, and more
  • Store data in performant, specialized databases
  • Explore data trends and spot anomalies
  • Transform data to fit your application
  • Train and evaluate AI models
  • Operationalize models at scale
  • Develop custom analytics or end-user applications
  • Augment processes with automation, in the cloud or at the edge
  • Control end-user access to data