Solidspace filaments

Solidspace 3D Printing filaments are made from high-quality granules that results in excellent layer adhesion and minimal warpage. Prints can be sanded easily for post-processing. Varieties of material in multiple colour options and both in 1.75mm & 2.85 mm diameter.


Consistent Quality Assurance is the prime priority in our own supervised manufacturing infrastructure. With best grade of raw material, tailor made most favourable colours, highly controlled dimensional accuracy and roundness, tight and neat winding of spools, vacuum sealed with desiccant ensures your best 3D printing experience every time.

Material Type

Here are material type that you can print in..



The easiest and safest material to print with. Suitable for a variety of applications.





Great for making functional prototypes and end-use parts.



Special Materials

Diversify your creations with our breakthrough materials.


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